A Couple Tips that will Help Your Personal Finances

You hear it on the news and read it in the papers. The economy not getting better. The price of necessities and luxuries are increasing and people are beginning to worry about how they are going to get things they need and still have a little extra left over for some entertainment. There are always ways to reduce your financial burden if you are willing to pay attention. Here are some tips:

Make a shopping list.

If you make a grocery list before going shopping, and stick to it, you will typically know how much money you are going to spend and will be able to better regulate how many treats that you are buying. money tips captivateIf you do not know how much items cost you may want to save a few shopping receipts and refer to them when you make your lists. Put dollar amounts by each item and make sure you do not go over that amount.

If you stick to your normal spending and don't buy lots of other things, you are much less likely to be needing short term loans to cover for periods of bad financial luck.


Everyone drives but do you always have to drive? Many people live quite close to convenience stores. If you live within 1/2 mile of one of these you should consider walking. Not only will you benefit from not spending money on the gasoline to walk a short distance you'll get the added benefit of increasing your endorphins which will help you to feel good and relax.


Everyone likes to have down time. This can be done inexpensively by a trip to the park or lake if you have one close. Pack a picnic lunch if you are going to the museum, water park, or zoo and you will save an incredible amount of money by not purchasing their overpriced goodies. By doing this you will be able to afford that little ice cream treat with no guilt. If you are going to the movies you can put a few candies like Twizzlers or Milk Duds in a pocket or purse and take them into the theater. It is a lot cheaper to buy them outside of the concession stand.


Keep your dishes clean. The more dishes that there are to wash the more utility bills will be. It takes a great deal less water to wash a meal's worth of dishes than an entire day. Plus, leave that dishwasher off. It takes both water and electricity, raising your utility bills. Washing clothes may actually be less expensive at the local laundromat than at home. It takes a lot of water and electricity (or gas) to do a load of laundry. If you do laundry at home, do it at night in off-peak hours. The rates are less.

Air conditioning makes everyone's home cooler but pocketbooks lighter. Turn the thermostat to no less than 78 degrees. Do not turn off the A/C when you are not home. This causes it to work harder to cool your home when you do turn it on. If you are not going to be home all day then turn the thermostat to 82-84 instead.

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